Saturday, May 12, 2018

my final post


DSC 0108

N7623V, piloted by Ed, overtaking my right wingtip




DSC 0010

On our way to Urbana.  I flew in trail for the 1st half of the flight.


Fullsizeoutput 94e

Taking the lead...


DSC 0020

And heading off to explore! 


Dear Reader,


This is my final posting for this blog.  Not because of anything bad—far from it!  I’ve simply run out of time to maintain the blog due to work, and—much more importantly—flying!   The blog was very useful during the build process, as it allowed me to organize my thoughts, document my progress, and serve to burn off my energy when I was trapped at work and not able to be building my plane. Having accomplished those goals, I realize that just documenting everywhere I fly and what all I tweak & repair simply isn’t the same with respect to needing to be written up.

I will close with one final accomplishment.  I’ve always wanted to fly in formation, and had the opportunity to do so last week.  This gives me the perfect closing for this blog,  For the first time I have seen my plane where it belongs—in the air!

Thanks so much for your attention, Safe flights & Tailwinds!

-David Hill
N76012   RV-12
N7623V   C-177RG