Sunday, June 16, 2013


The garage is definitely becoming a workshop. Most of the major transformation work has been done. I now have a 5x3 table in the middle of the garage that will be the primary assembly area. The only items that are allowed to stay (overnight) on that surface are actual airplane components that are being assembled. Everything else will go back to its storage spot at the end of each work session. The original bench does tend to accumulate loose junk and tools that don’t yet have a permanent home. There is another 5x3’ table that is holding a bench vice, a drill press, a band saw, a belt sander and a grinding wheel. I am awaiting a mobile tool chest that will be the home of the various ‘small tools’ purchased from Cleveland Aircraft Tools. I have hung two storage boxes and distributed ‘tiny tools’ and many consumables (rivets), so those are out of the way. The kit itself has been inventoried down to the level of the sub-kits: I will get those inventories completed on Tuesday the 18th. I have a few more small tools on order from Aircraft Spruce, but those are convenience tools, not required ones, so there’s nothing that is stopping me from going forward. Except fear of screwing up.

Nick spent a few hours with me yesterday and we did some cutting and riveting for the first time.  He seemed to enjoy it, and I certainly enjoyed being his 'dad' for the afternoon. 


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