Sunday, December 21, 2014

31B-13 ELT bracket

This is an odd page indeed.  It’s an absolutely trivial step of just squeezing 2 rivets to attach the ELT bracket to the bulkhead.  What makes it so weird is that the piece that is riveted in is not included with the Finish Kit, but rather is part of the Avionics kit.  I am really a bit confused as to why they didn’t just put it in the Finish kit.  (Oh, BTW, if you aren’t thinking things through all the way, you may install the fuel tank later in the Finish Kit but before you get your avionics.  You’ll need to remove the fuel tank...)

Squeezing these rivets was a moderately nostalgic process since I haven’t done any for a while.  Find the rivets.  Find the squeezer.  Get the dies.  Install them in the squeezer.  Decided to install them the other way.  Eyeball the gap for the squeezed distance.  Find the cleco pliers and a cleco.  Attach the part.  Try to install the 1st rivet.  Realize that the punched hole is too small.  Find your favorite drill.  Find the #30 reamer.  Remember that your favorite drill needs a new chuck.  Find back up drill and install reamer.  Ream 1st hole.  Install rivet.  Squeeze rivet.  Remove cleco.  Ream 2nd hole.  Install rivet.  Squeeze rivet.  Find acceptance tool.  Verify shop heads are acceptable.   Put away tools.  Take picture.  Sign off page in The Book. 

IMG 3823

ELT Attach Bracket

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