Sunday, August 30, 2015

25-06 #1 install rear window (dry)

Well, my plan had been to finish up the cables, bulkhead and fuel tank before installing the window, but I’m being flexible.  Removing the fuel tank wasn’t too bad since it was (1) already empty and (2) not connected.   I think installing the rear window with the tank in place would have been a bad idea, so perhaps this is all for the better.

On the other hand, I discovered that I had done something correctly, but then “fixed it” a few weeks ago.  Specifically, I was surprised to find that I had “missed” two rivets at the top of the roll bar splice plate.  Being the industrious overachiever that I am, I promptly filled in those holes with CS4-4’s.  Today, I re-discovered that those holes were on purpose, and were to be used to help screw down the rear window.  My bad.  The rivets were drilled out #30 and tapped 8-32 (vice 6-32).  The corresponding holes in the window were opened up to 3/32” with a step drill (hand twisted) and the hardware was exchanged to #8 screws and washers.

Nicolai helped me wrestle the window in place and set every 3rd screw to hold it there.  I’ve taped up the edges and masked off the areas likely to get contaminated with goo when I squeeze in the Pro Seal.  (In case you are wondering, I trimmed off the edges of the white covering before I did the installation.  I didn’t trap the covering inside the assembly.)   Tonight is the first of 5 consecutive nights at work, so I may not get to the next step until next week.


IMG 4628

rear window ready for Pro Seal

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