Saturday, September 5, 2015

25-06 #2 install rear window (sealed)

I hate paying taxes.  I hate working with ProSeal.  I did both yesterday.  (Taxes have to be paid quarterly according to my accountant.)

As you may recall, I got the rear window placed the other day with the help of my son.  Yesterday, I tackled the final step of using ProSeal to achieve the required isolation from any possible fuel spill which will craze the material.   

I elected to use the large tube of ProSeal that is dispensed with a caulking gun because (1) I had purchased one earlier, not realizing its size and (2) the nozzle would be much better for squirting in between the edge of the window and the turtle deck.  Unfortunately, about 25 % of the way around the window, I realized that I wasn’t getting any material out of the nozzle, no matter how hard I squeezed.  Turns out the internal seal had failed, probably because the tip got gummed up, and all of my ProSeal had leaked around the seal and completely gooped up the piston from my gun.  Since I had already started, I cursed and got creative.  The second photo shows the result:  I used a large exacto knife to slice open the canister, scooped out about 30 ml of ProSeal and put it into a medical syringe.  A quick chop-chop with diagonal cutters removed much of the collar (Luer Lock) from the syringe, and I got back to work.  All in all, not too bad.

If I build another RV-12, here’s how I’ll do this step next time.  Insert window, as per The Book.  Insert all screws and start them (finger tight) with the washer and lock nut.  Apply the electrical tape per The Book, but don’t bother to put cut outs or lifts so you can get to the screw heads.  Squirt the ProSeal.   Have your assistant tighten the nuts from the inside while you hold the screws stationary with a screwdriver applied through the flexible electrical tape.  This will force out all of the extra ProSeal.  Remove the excess with the popsicle stick as per The Book, and remove the tape for clean up.  Remove each nut & screw on the right side, add ProSeal, re-insert and re-tighten.  I think this will cut down on the mess and contamination.


IMG 4631

Rear Window sealed in place


IMG 4634

dissected ProSeal dispenser 

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