Monday, September 14, 2015

Upholstery & Carpet

I purchased the optional interior packages (12 lbs.) and installed it today.    Since I’ll have to pull it off in a day or so, I only used a few screws for the  rear bulkhead.  It took about 3 hours of folding & trimming the carpet and putting down velcro, but Wow! what a difference!  The interior looks very nice as we approach the finish line!

I’m going to be out of service for the next week due to an insane work schedule.  I’m hoping to make myself get up early a couple of days and put in about an hour of work on the plane before heading to the hospital.  Hopefully the cables will arrive tomorrow or Tuesday.  It should take <2 hours to install them. 

Remaining steps include 

  • remove & replace elevator cables
  • rear bulkhead
  • fuel tank
  • placards, 
  • install steps, with anti-skid tape
  • trim 1/8” from inside edges of flaperons
  • re-pitch prop IAW new procedure
  • reattaching the canopy
  • trim canopy to fit against the rear window 
  • sound proofing
  • move to airport
  • sand / fill fairing
  • weight & balance
  • carb sync

I also need to get some plywood and make dummy spars for tying the plane to the trailer and pack up the tools for transport.  Sigh.  This is such a short list compared to everything I’ve done so far, but it doesn’t feel that way.


IMG 4645

Upholstery & Carpeting 

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