Friday, March 10, 2017

Almost Done With Painting

We’re getting close!   I went up to AV8 Painting on yesterday to check on the progress of the paint job.  Chris had taken my very rough sketch and added a very nice black element that makes the plane look a little longer and much more interesting.  He was a bit worried when I walked in since he had made a moderately substantial change from my original sketch, but that’s exactly what I wanted him to do.  I never claimed that my rough sketch was anything more than that and I wanted him to use his artistic experience to make it work.  I think he did a great job.


IMG 5586

Full body view of completed paint scheme

As you can see, he added a black ‘swoop’ to break up the large dorsal red that I had originally sketched.  He then added another, more angular, ‘swoop’ behind the red that terminates under the vertical stabilizer.   We haven’t mounted the rudder so the end looks a little odd.  The engine cowling is not attached, so ignore the front for now.  I really like the ribbons of beige that separate the red & the black.  I agree with his rationale—that adds a great deal of visual interest, yet doesn’t make it look cluttered.

One option, that I think I will exercise, is to make the upper cowling hump (behind the spinner) the beige.  Again, just a simple addition, but one that will add some interest.  I will probably have him do that when he gets the wheel pants painted.  The flap handle is also on the “touch up” list, but right now we are both interested in getting this thing finished and airborne.

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