Friday, September 27, 2013

11-04 attachment of Trim Tabs (Anti Servo Tabs)

It's still amazing to me (not in a good way) how a simple, straight-forward job can evolve into a 2 hour ordeal and then have a less-than-desired outcome.  I decided that I had to do *something* so I chose to put the ASTs on the stabilator.  First, I cut one of the hinge pins too long.  OK, that was fixable.  Cutting that steel is much harder than the aluminum, but I managed to get it done after changing the blade on the bandsaw.  OK, got the hinge pins made.

Threading the pins requires that they be perfectly aligned, which wouldn't be a problem except for the opposite AST hinge is in the way.  Yes, that little deviation makes a difference.  When I finally got the 2nd pin in place, I couldn't rotate the bent portion to be down so it could be safetied.  I had to remove the 1st hinge (Left — for some reason it's a bit easier to install than the right) install the R hinge, and then re-install the Left.    Getting the safety wire pliers to latch required using a pair of pliers to squeeze it enough to latch.  I ended up safety tying on the outside, instead of the inside, of the stabilator.  (Not as pretty.)

Lastly, when I put the bolt through the ears of the ASTs, I discovered that there's about an 1/8"th difference in the trailing edges.  I think that the fix will be to remove the 8-32 bolt and hold the edges exactly even to each other and match drill a #10 hole instead.   I'm not going to do that now.  It's 1:30 PM, but that's my equivalent of 1:30 AM!  I'll send this, and a few other less-than-inspiring photos to Rick and get his feedback.

On the other hand, it feels good to make some progress.  It's very curious, but I found that I was avoiding even this simple page while I was in waiting-limbo regarding the wing kit.  Now that I know it's in progress, I'm all gung-ho to get going again.


Horizontal stabilator with AST surfaces in place. IMG 2663


View from aft looking forward.  Note the 1/8" discrepancy between the trailing edges of the ASTs.

IMG 2667

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