Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wing Kit Shipped !

"David, your RV-12 wing kit is shipping today thru Old Dominion Freight Lines 
under tracking #77740463490.  You can track the shipment anytime after 
today thru their website at  They will call you to arrange the 
delivery which is collect upon arrival.  The freight costs are approximately 
$370 or so.  Thank you for your patience in waiting for this shipment.  Have 
fun building:)  Barb"

I have great news on the financial front, too.  Although I've been approved for a builder's loan from NAFCO, I also came across a referral to a tiny bank in Pryor, OK.  Their former CFO is an avid pilot and he's very proactive for loaning money to GA pilots, including RV kit builders.  I was approved in about 3 hours.  This great news will let me decouple building from purchasing, thus removing one more headache. :0)

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