Thursday, October 15, 2015

47-07 prop pitch revisited

VAF has many posts regarding the setting of the pitch of the Sensenich prop.  The tool that is provided by Sensenich is really not very precise.  They provided a wooden template that is supposed to help create an accurate surface upon which to measure blade angle, but it’s also not too precise.  Last week, Van’s released an update to The Book that uses a steel tool to hang on the edge of the blade and allows a magnetic level to be used to set a specific angle (71.4°) relative to the canopy deck.  It’s very hard to see in this photo, but the prop is leveled using some wooden blocks (custom cut to an arbitrary but equal height), a paint stir stick, and a socket (from a socket set.)   I didn’t have a bubble level at the hanger and I realized that I really couldn’t use the digital level since it can be zeroed and thus does not have an absolute way to establish level.  I used the cylindrical socket on top of the stir stick:  when it didn’t tend to roll one way or the other, the prop blades were level!

With that task completed, I closed the shop and went to work.  Next step:  Airworthiness Inspection on 10/19!


IMG 4719

Prop blades pitched to 71.4°

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