Monday, October 19, 2015

Airworthiness Certificate!

Today marks the official completion of the airplane, with the issuance of the Special Airworthiness Certificate.  The FSDO inspector is a very nice gentleman named John.   He spent about an hour going over the plane.  He took issue with some build techniques but deferred to the fact that they are called out by Van’s.  He found some rubbing wiring and oil hoses in the engine compartment, a loose bolt, a missing cotter pin and not much else.  Overall, he seemed quite comfortable with the way I’ve built N76012 and proceeded to issue the coveted Salmon Slip.  (I really don’t think it’s pink—do you?)


N76012 Airworthiness Certificate

Special Airworthiness Certificate


IMG 0023

traditional “here it is” photo


IMG 0006

affixing data plate


I’m taking a break for a week while I have family members arrive from out of town.  Upon my return, I’ll address the squawk list (the biggest of which may be having to remove & reroute the oil lines.  Messy.), have Shane teach me how to properly sync the carbs, get someone from the local Van’s flying group to be my 2nd set of eyes and do the Product Acceptance Check, do ground runs and taxi runs, get an hour of dual in upset recovery in a local flight club’s LSA, get some time in a friend’s -12, coordinate with the EAA flight counselor and then go fly this thing!

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