Saturday, April 9, 2016

not one, but 2 leaks!


I pulled the tank yesterday (I’m embarrassed to say that I’m getting pretty good at it) and started hunting the leak.  I recall seeing fuel all along the medial (left) lower edge of the tank and that it was running down/forward along that edge from the rear to the front.  That made me suspect that I would find a leak somewhere near the back.

I rigged up the ballon and bicycle pump as per chapter 37, but was unable to find any leak.  I know that pressure was escaping, as the little ballon became slightly inflated, but then deflated in about 5-10 seconds.  Despite that, I couldn’t even find where air was escaping.  (I suspect the fuel cap.  Despite plugging the vent hole by tapping it 4-40 and filling it with a locktite covered screw, I just don’t think that the fuel cap itself is air tight.  Even with duct tape.)

Moving into a more aggressive mode, I capped the main outlet and proceeded to fill the tank to nearly full;  Viola!  Not one, but two leaks.   They are no where near the magnitude required to have created the mess I found last weekend.  I will have to chalk that up to an inadequately tightened main fuel line fitting and will double & triple check that stage when I get there again.  During the meantime, I have two small leaks to deal with.


IMG 5023

Fuel leak: lower left forward corner


IMG 5025

 Fuel leak:  upper right forward corner

I’m firing off a “how do I fix this” question to VAF and will proceed with the advice of the collective.

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