Thursday, March 13, 2014

20-03, Center Section Prep

IMG 0189 2

Mystery Hold

Before I started drilling, I saw an extra hole (identified by the arrow) that wasn’t called out in any plans or shown on any drawings.  Because it was late at night, I decided to do nothing except post a query to VAF.  Two replied and said that it was probably a manufacturing hole (used to help create a reference datum for the machining process) and could be safely ignored.  Great! Back to work!

IMG 2998

Holes drilled into aft face of Center Section

I had a hell of a time drilling at first—that’s a thick piece of metal!    I got out my old plug-in electric drill because I figured that I’d burn out or otherwise damage my battery operating drills.  About a quarter of the way through the drilling, I remembered a comment about using a bit of lubrication and put a dab of Beolube on to each spot for drilling and I was very impressed at how much easier it was.  I did splatter some beolube on my shirt, but that’s a badge of honor now!

IMG 2997

Close up of the small parts

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