Sunday, March 30, 2014

39-02, autopilot servo bracket

This page is slightly odd—it’s a detour just before the final step on page 21-05.  Unfortunately, I was tired and had a headache and completed all of page 21-05 despite the clear instruction to take the detour.  As a result, I had another opportunity to demonstrate my de-riveting prowess.  (I suppose I could have published page 21-05, but I’m trying to follow the rules.

IMG 0022

Autopilot servo bracket

This bracket is just on the other side of the flaperon mixer.  It’s hard to see here, but it is the doubler with the rectangular hole.  In the upper left, you can see 1/2 of a screw head.  There’s a nylon lock nut on the other side.  I have no idea what that screw is doing, as it’s not attaching anything to anything else...

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