Saturday, March 22, 2014

21-02, Baggage Floor. wing stub spar receptacles

On the other hand, this page was ridiculously difficult (complicated).  Here’s the easy part; just two pair of brackets flush riveted together around a bearing.

IMG 0003

Bearing Brackets

The baggage floor gave me one bit of trouble where I got my left & right mixed up and I #19 dimpled the left side panel instead of the right.  I used my flat squeezer set to undimple the floor, but there are tell tale marks you can see below.


IMG 0006

Baggage Floor, right side

IMG 0005

Baggage Floor left side


The wing stub spar receptacles were pretty straightforward.  I double & triple checked alignment before I did any filing.  After I clecoed the receptacles to the bulkhead, I took the assembly over to the wings and made sure that they slid on/off easily. 

IMG 0010

Rear Baggage lower bulkhead

IMG 0009

Wing Stub Spar Receptacle

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