Wednesday, June 4, 2014

23-06 side skins

Hey, I’m back!   Several days at work and several days doing a busy page with lots & lots of rivets.  Not too many ‘gotchas’.  I overlooked the notation for LP4-5’s and needed to drill out 5 LP4-3’s, but that was easy.  I double & triple checked where the Do Not Rivet holes were and came up with the same pattern on both sides.  I also got to use the Cherry Max rivets (which I presume are higher strength) for the first time.  All in all, a very satisfying page to mark off.


IMG 3265

Starboard Skin


IMG 3267

Port Skin


IMG 3268

Close up of port spar opening

Note the regular LP4-3s on the left of the opening and the Cherry Max rivets on the right.

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