Wednesday, June 11, 2014

First Flight in an RV!

This whole endeavor has been a giant act of faith—I had never even been in an RV before.  My only “hands on” experience was during the hand-wringing phase last year when I went to a local builder, Dave Gamble, and looked over his recently completed ’12.  Yesterday I repeated the visit and had the tremendous opportunity to actually fly with Dave.   Wonderful!  The ’12 is what I had hoped and I’m even more enthusiastic about getting mine done.


IMG 3276

My first RV flight!

Dave’s plane was recently highlighted in EAA Experimenter and I’ll let you peruse that for more information about him and N284DG.

He was very complementary about my fast transition from a Cessna to an RV, so hopefully I won’t have too many teething issues flying N76012.   On the other hand, I will have to come up with another name for the plane.  I had been kicking around “Harvey the RV”, but the female voice in the avionics makes that a poor choice for my brain.  Looking for a woman’s name that rhymes with “RV”...  

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