Wednesday, June 4, 2014

23-07 side vents

Fairly easy page with the assembly of some small parts, mixture of squeezed & pulled rivets and a couple of basic nuts & bolts.  Funny how this is the only environmental control for the plane, and it went together in only an hour or so.

IMG 3272

 Left Side Vent (Closed)

Note the ugly worm track on the skin :(  I’ve pretty much developed a habit of using a #30 reamer on every hole that gets an LP4-3 because most of them are too small to take the rivet with much work and occasional denting of a skin.  I slipped and didn’t get the reamer tip inside the hole and the worm track is the result.  Thank god I’m going to paint this bird!


IMG 3273

Right Side Vent (Open) 


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