Monday, July 21, 2014

29A-05 Canopy Ribs & Panel Deck

Well, I’m back, figuratively and literally.  I’ve had a couple of vacation trips, so I was physically out of town twice for about a week each. I was also “out” motivationally.  I really hit a wall when the fuel system didn’t work and I found that I just had no motivation to work in the garage. Then I had  the fiasco of mistakenly countersinking the wrong side of not one, but two, parts.  That really put me in a funk. Anyway, i got my mojo back and found myself ready to go back to work.  Hurray!


IMG 3449

Canopy Ribs with nut plates  


IMG 3450

Canopy Ribs in place

 There was a 3rd hole in the F-1202B Panel Base that isn’t called out in the plans.  I put a snap grommet into it just on general principles that it looks better.  I’m pretty sure that there’ll be something going through it when I pull the wiring harness.

IMG 3451

Close up of Canopy Rib with RTV sealant


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