Saturday, April 4, 2015

50-04 control cable routing

Another page that was deceptively straightforward, yet painful.  This time, I had experience to know that in advance...   I’ve really come to despise the doubled cushion clamp technique for routing things around the engine mounts.  This one was in a hard-to-reach spot and I couldn’t use my regular needle nose pliers to hold everything together in order to fit the bolt.  I had a vague memory of reading about using safety wire, so I gave that try and it worked very well.  I looped safety wire around the larger cushion clamp and used the twist-pull action to tighten the wire, thus the clamp, enough to get it to accept the bolt.  The smaller clamp was not too difficult to close by hand (finger) pressure.  Another trick to file away for use again.

IMG 4167

routing control cables

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