Wednesday, April 8, 2015

EAA Tech Counselor Vist #4

Back on March 28th, I had a very nice morning with a Tech Counselor from EAA.  Brent came over at the recommendation of my previous inspector, Bob.  Bob was tied up with other projects and felt that it would be more efficient to bring in Brent.  In addition, “the more eyes, the better”.  Brent works at NetJets and has built his own RV and is active at the DLZ Van’s flying group.  

Overall, he seemed quite pleased with my project and gave me “thumbs up” with the following write up. 


"David’s RV-12 is coming along very nicely. He is approximately 85% complete. He has installed and tested avionics, installed -but not tested-his FWF. Wings, empennage, and canopy are complete, but uninstalled as the aircraft is still at home in his garage. The level of craftsmanship is very high, especially for a first-time builder. There were no items of concern. The only constructive criticism was a couple of cotter pins installed bent improperly  on castle nuts. I'm looking forward to seeing the airplane again prior to flight, but at this stage I have no concerns that this airplane will turn out very nice."


Quite frankly, I’m surprised that he feels my workmanship is of good quality.  I look at every scratch or ding and feel like I’m just a hack.  OK, that’s enough beating myself up.  I’ll take the compliment.

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