Friday, September 4, 2015

stabiliator cable problem update

I called Van’s last Monday and spoke with Gus.  He arrived at the same conclusion that the cables were just too short due to statistical variation and bad luck.  He had not heard of / thought of longer turnbuckles and said there was no reason not to give them a try, so I ordered a pair from Aircraft Spruce.

IMG 4630

MS21251-B5S and -B5L with appropriate locking clips


Unfortunately, as predicted by BigJohn (one of my fellow VAF posters who happens to be an EAA Tech Counselor), they were too long and I can’t get the proper tension on the cables.  (Not to mention being able to adjust them later when I get creep after the cables are in service for a while.)

OK.  Back to plan A.  Just got off the phone with Joe at Van’s and he’s sending me out two new pair of cables.  I’ll leave my current ones in for now and remove/replace in one operation rather than open up the seat ramp twice or leave it open for a week or so.  Joe said I can send the old ones back for credit against my account, and thus don’t have to pay up front for the replacements.  (Good thing—$430 for the pair!)

I briefly looked at whether cutting them (the long turnbuckles) by about 1/2” or so would work.  Probably, but now we’re wandering off into the realm of jerry-rigging and that’s someplace that I don’t to go.

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