Thursday, December 12, 2013

EAA Tech Counselor Visit

Major Milestone!
On Monday, Dec 9th, I had my first visit from an EAA Technical Counselor.  He showed up at the house/shop and looked over the work to date.  We chatted a bit about my initial issues with the rudder, various metal working techniques, the pros & cons of E-LSA vs EAB, the pros & cons of deburring every edge, tips for recalcitrant rivets, local politics, technical support from Vans, advice from VAF, etc.  When all was said (but nothing much was done), he said I was doing fine and that we’d do this again 4 or 5 times as my build progresses.
To quote: “Project looks good and appears to be coming along fine.  I found no issues with the project.  We discussed several items that were corrected prior to my visit."
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