Monday, February 10, 2014

17-03, 17-04 RIGHT

Busy, busy day.  After completing the light, I attached the outer and mid skins in an afternoon.  I had already attached the inboard skin and its wing root doubler, so it wasn’t much work to complete these two pages.  (Well, it was a lot of work, but it was boring repetitive and fast work.)


IMG 2917

Outer & Mid upper skins

I did discover a moderate “oops” when I started riveting the mid skin.  The nose rib at the junction of mid and outer lower skins had been completely missed when I placed the 5 rivets on the leading edge.  I realized the problem when I tried to align the 6th hole in the rib.  It wasn’t hard to drill out the 5 rivets, but getting the debris out of the wing bays was very hard, and I’m not sure I got the little bits of rivet from the shop side.  Hopefully I got them all.  I’ll let you know when I pick up the wing again and if it makes any noise!

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