Saturday, February 15, 2014

17-06 RIGHT, wingtip close

The wings are complete!  If I get the ailerons done before the fuselage and finish kits arrive, that’d be sweet!

I’m glad I waited until I had the wing tip built out and ready before I started bending the tabs on the wingtip skin, despite thinking it through, I wasn’t completely sure which way to bend the tabs until I actually had the skin in front of the assembly.  Even then, I double checked the orientation, about 15 min apart.

I did discover an error I had made on the left wing; the wing tip trailing edge is designed to have a lip that goes under the top skin.  When I did the left wing, I must have been tired and placed it over the top of the outer skin.  I’m not sure if it’s worth removing the rivets, since there’s always some damage in the process.  I think I’ll leave it as an exercise for the careful observer.


IMG 2927

Right Wing, completed 


IMG 2928

Right wing, completed

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