Tuesday, March 17, 2015

38-02 trimming Upper & Lower Cowls

OK, I’m back.  10 consecutive nights in the ER left me with a severe case of RV-12 withdrawal.  I got back to work by tackling the cowling.  As you recall, I had finished up with the oil radiator, but it  is mounted on the air duct that is mounted inside the cowl.  I had deferred the cowling from its schedule slot (chap 38) due to the advice of hanging the engine and letting its weight “settle” for a few weeks before fitting the cowl.  Made sense to me, so that’s what I did.  First picture:  me, getting ready to attack the fiberglass.  I elected to use a reinforced cutting wheel on a dremel to do the major cuts and a 1 cm sanding drum for medium abrasions/shaping and the traditional 80 grit sandpaper on a block for detailed finish sanding (shaping work only—not surface sanding!)


IMG 4106

protective gear!

IMG 4105

Lower Cowl with scribe marks

IMG 4107

Upper Cowl with tape on scribe lines

IMG 4108

trimmed cowls mated together

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