Monday, March 30, 2015

49-13 cooling duct fitting

 Another day of trimming & sanding fiberglass.  This actually was spread over 2 days, and took quite a bit of head scratching and thinking to ensure that everything fit together properly before I made cuts.  When you look at the page in The Book you’ll note that it’s quite busy with many diagrams that didn’t make much sense to me until I had the pieces in my hands and could relate them (diagrams) to each other (pieces.)    In the second photo, you’ll note some cardboard taped to the radiator.  The Book is pretty clear that there must be an even 1/4” gap between the radiator face and the interface piece (to make room for the flexible seal to be applied later.)  I remember reading that cardboard is pretty close to 1/8”, so I made a double thick piece and taped it to the radiator, then sanded & fit to have the cowl interface flush with the cardboard itself.  I’ll leave that in place until the wet layup step (page 49-14) is done and everything is cured in place.

That page will be deferred, by the way.  It’s currently below freezing (again!) here in central Ohio and I’m going to wait until the outside temps are at least in the 50’s so I can heat the garage to the 70’s recommended for using epoxy. If I’m really tricky, I’ll do the mixing and wet layups in a cool garage (prolong pot life because it’s the first time i will have worked with epoxy) then turn on the heater when I have everything in place.  That also includes having the cowls installed and tightened down, so I won’t be able to do any engine work for that 24 hours.  I’m sure I’ll find something entertaining to do instead.


IMG 4142

Cooling Duct, Duct Interface & Lower Cowl

IMG 4141

Cooling Duct Assembly in situ 

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