Thursday, March 5, 2015

49-09 Heater Control routing

What you are seeing is the routing of the control cable under the engine mount, through 3 of the looks-simple-but-is-a-pain-to-attach double cushion clamps and through an ingenious device called a friction comb.  The Book says to string everything up and then completely remove the internal push-pull wire from the spiral sleeve, cut the sleeve to length, then re-instal the push-pull wire.  Wrong.  I didn’t feel good about that instruction and so did a test remove-install after I rigged up the 1st cushion clamp.  No go.  I had to remove the clamp, then I could re-thread the push-pull wire.  I got everything installed and did some careful measuring to pull back the wire before cutting the sleeve.  no problem.


IMG 4096

Heater Control Cable

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