Thursday, November 7, 2013

15-03, Main Rib prep

The majority of preparation for the main ribs was to flute flat and remove nearly all of the forward flanges.  This picture shows all of the main ribs and the hinge assemblies after they were deburred and re-clecoed.  

IMG 0116 2

Example of a main rib clecoed to a hinge rib and flaperon hinge assembly.  Note the hash marks used to allow re-assembly of all match drilled sets.  The directions were very confusing here; the R and L designators of the Hinge Ribs seemed random.  I played with trying to put R hinge ribs on L main ribs (and vice versa) as called out, but they just didn’t fit together.  Putting R to R and L to L was much better fit and agreed with the diagram.  There have been a few other places where R and L nomenclature has been wrong, so I will be searching VAF to see if I’m not alone.

[Update 11/13/13:  I came back to trying to fit the hinge ribs and main ribs the way the book calls out.  The advice to let things settle in your mind and try again is excellent; I had actually mated the parts as called out by the book, but didn’t realize it.  My best guess is that I had the R and L hinge ribs incorrectly identified.   As it stands now, the R hinge ribs are attached to the L main ribs and the L hinge ribs are on the R main ribs.  Go fig! :0) ]

IMG 0117 2



Doubler plate attached to L main rib.

IMG 0118 2

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