Monday, November 25, 2013

16-04, wing electrical connectors

No big surprises here, the wires have already been pulled and it was pretty straightforward to assemble the electrical connectors.  I had a bit of trouble with crimping the pins on the insulation, but the crimps are strong and serviceable, if not pretty and elegant.  Oddly, the smaller crimps on the conductors are very nice and look good (with suitable magnification.)

Van’s used an interesting approach for the connectors.  One wing gets the male, the other gets female.  Logically, I am expecting that there will be a corresponding female and male connector on the fuselage.  To pass the time and entertain myself, I spent a few bucks to get an additional set (expecting it next week.)  I’ll dummy up the fuselage portion of the wiring and connect a suitable 12v supply and beeper circuit.  When the wings are complete, and the lighting kit installed, I will be able to test the lights (position, strobes, landing) and stall warning with the wings in their cradle.


Right wing electrical connector, with ground wire attached.  The connector is only loosely screwed to the standoffs, as I will need to install all of the remaining wires for the strobe, position and landing lights.

IMG 0138 2


Left wing electrical connector, in situ. The ground is visible, but the strobe & position lighting wiring isn’t seen behind the connector itself.  There is a string tied through the lightening holes, as called out by the instructions.  (I don’t know why we would leave another string there, unless its just an accepted practice for (inevitable) future mods.)  You can see the leading edge of the wing is not attached and nearly vertical at the extreme right edge of the picture.

IMG 0140 2

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