Saturday, November 16, 2013

15-04, main ribs L wing

Nice view of the main ribs clecoed in place.  I’ve been pretty worried about my ability to make sure that I get all of the proper “L” and “R” pieces.  Sure enough, there’s another error in this picture.  I’ll let you look at it a bit before you see the answer below.


IMG 0128 2


Sure is pretty, isn’t it?  I actually like the sky-blue (голубой) color of the protective plastic.  I might look for something in that shade for the final paint job.  If I’m really feeling whimsical, I’d even think about some decals that look like the manufacturing stamps on the plastic and put those on the plane.  Any Van’s builder would get the joke, but not anyone else... 

IMG 0129 2



Just another shot, looking at the completed skeleton. IMG 0131 2


Here’s the clue I alluded to earlier. See those nice LP4-4’s?  I have to drill them out to remove the R main rib with the doubler and install the correct (L) doubled rib as called out in step 6.  How did I miss that?  By not only installing the wrong rib, but installing it on the wrong side of the flange so that the double mirroring made it a very, very subtle thing.  As you can see, I had the rear spar fully attached and only discovered the error after clecoing the main skin and noting that the very final holes (this rib) didn’t line up... : (

What’s the good news?  I hadn’t riveted the skin! :0) 

IMG 0132 2

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