Saturday, January 25, 2014

17-05 LEFT, wingtip buildout

I had the wing upside down to work on the stall warning switch access, and I realized that it would be easier to start working on the wing tip with the wing inverted.  That worked out very well.  Assembly of the handle and the small strips of skin went very well.  Lada came home from an errand and we flipped the wing right-side up for me to put on the upper tip skins.  The stiffening ribs were slightly trickier; the rear was pretty straightforward but the front required moderately aggressive fluting in order to follow the curvature of the leading edge tip. I found it best to actually over flute such that the rib curved inside the contour of the leading edge, and then bend it back out to match.  I clecoed every single hole and attempted to press fit each rivet one at a time.  I couldn’t use the awl trick because the rib is only a few cm deep and the awl needs about 4 cm to be able to work the hole, so I had to use the reamer in order to get the rivets to fit.  Tomorrow, I hope to apply the closeout and trailing edge and—viola!—the left wing will be complete!

IMG 2889

Wingtip buildout

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