Saturday, August 30, 2014

31B-20 Roll Servo Connector

Ah, now this was an embarrassing page.  When pulling various wires through the rear portion of the fuselage, I found that it was convenient to take several shorter wires and tuck them through a convenient lightening hole while I dealt with some longer ones destined for the aft reaches of the tail cone.  I then came across this page which has me insert that same handful of wires into a Molex 9 pin connect.  Then, and only then, did I realize that the wires were still placed through the previously convenient hole and were no longer able to be removed due to the connector.  Well, damn.

I couldn’t find a thing to use as a removal tool, although I knew what they looked like and how to use them from my previous life as a electronics geek. I tried the usual suspects of Radio Shack and then MicroWarehouse.  No one in those shops had the slightest idea what I was talking about.  Struck out at Advance Auto, since those had been used in cars during the 80’s.  Finally, went to Roush Hardware and got some narrow diameter aluminum pipe/wire.  Viola!  I now have 1 meter of pin removal pipe/wire that can be used for similar boneheaded maneuvers.  I’ll probably post a note on VAF and offer to send someone 6” if they find themselves in the same boat.

Anyway, here’s the connector (not threaded through a convenient hole) for later connection to the servos.

IMG 3586

Roll Servo Connector

Recall that the plane is on its right side, so “up” is directed to the right side of this picture.

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