Saturday, October 11, 2014

32-02 Brake Lines

We’re into a new chapter!  Flight controls can be divided into 4 systems:  brakes, flaperons, rudder, elevator.  Of these, the 1st two can be completed within the fuselage, but the other two require the tail cone to be installed.  I’ll do what I can in front.  

IMG 3691

Brake Fluid Reservoir

IMG 3695

Brake Lines to Reservoir

Although not pictured, I had the obligatory bit of fun with the installation of the clamp that holds the crossover brake lines in place.  I discovered that I had routed the wiring harness in front of, not behind, the brake lines.  That meant that I had to remove the brake lines from the pilot’s side and put them on the correct side of the wiring harness before I could attach their retention clamp.  Sigh... the joys of doing things for the first time...

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