Monday, November 18, 2013

17-02 (L), Left Lower Wing Skins

Not too much to comment on, the lower skins went on without any issues.  :0)

This is slightly blurry, but you can see the inboard skin hung on the ribs.  The spar is suspended on sawhorses and the skin is hanging on the nose ribs.  On the R side of the image you can see the string and stall warning switch wire.  

IMG 0133 2

 Here’s the finished product (finished with respect to the page, anyway) resting on its upper surface.  

IMG 2775

Next steps (which are out of order) is to attach the electrical quick-connect to the inboard rib (will do R wing inboard wing at the same time) while the upper surface of the lower skin is still open.  Then I will rivet down the leading edges of the inboard and outboard sections.  Finally, the middle skin will be clecoed in place and the stall switch will finally be adjusted, then I’ll finish up by riveting the leading edge of the middle skin.  At that point, I will put the L wing on the cradle and start on the R wing!

(This assumes that I get any days to myself to work on this.  My work schedule is looking pretty ugly for the next few months...)

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