Friday, May 15, 2015

47-02 Pitot Tube

I’m baaaaack!

I’ve been away from posting on this blog for nearly 3 weeks.  As you’ll recall from 4/4, I found a problem with the fit of the cowlings against the spinner plate. There was no easy fix, but so far, it appears that there’s a cheap fix.  I reached the point where I’m reassured that I’ll be able to finish the revision without having to buy new cowlings, and will post a separate update when all is complete.  Having reached that point, I felt ready to resume forward progress.


This photo shows the pitot tube.  Recall that the RV-12 is designed with removable wings, and Van’s didn’t feel that it was feasible to make a detachable pitot line that runs back to the ADARHS in the tail cone.  They designed the pitot tube that goes through the engine gearbox, prop hub and out the tip of the spinner.  On the left of the transmission you can see the white plastic box that the pitot tube is attached to.  To its left is the clear plastic tube that goes back to the ADARHS.  Out of the right of the prop hub is the looooong metal pitot tube itself.  I want to get the spinner attached this weekend to protect that thing from getting bumped by some clumsy oaf (that’d be me).  


IMG 4236

Pitot Tube

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