Saturday, May 16, 2015

47-03 Spinner Prep

Lots of fiberglass cutting today.  The spinner had a 1” lip that needed to be trimmed off as well as the cutouts for the prop blades.  I used the cutting wheel for the posterior lip, since that will be fine sanded to the backing plate in the near future.  I hand-cut the side cutouts using a fine tooth hack saw blade.  The upper rounded portion was easier, since it didn’t have to be preserved.  (Note the fiberglass piece in front of the spinner—that will become the side panel behind the prop blade.  It needed to be cut with minimal loss of material, so I used the finest blade I could find.)  The upper part came out with some holes drilled near the perimeter, then quickly ground to shape with the Dremel tool with a  sanding drum.

There’s a small bushing (brown) that goes in the tip.  That needed to be roughed up and placed in the hole, after the hole was ever-so-slightly enlarged.  It’s glued in with blue Loctite.

The rest of this page is the installation of the propeller, but I already did that last month as part of the engine startup, so I can officially take credit for this page today.


IMG 4238


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