Sunday, May 3, 2015

LSA Repairman Class

There hasn’t been much published here for a while.  I’ve got a couple of other irons in the fire (daughter graduating and getting married, another daughter 1 semester away from both graduation and her marriage) and some aviation things (CFI-I check ride tomorrow) as well.  I’ve also discovered that I really don’t like having to re-work things.  Like the cowlings that I’ve been slowly sanding and fitting and sanding and fitting and sanding and fitting.  (That’s almost done, but will be the subject of another posting.  Eventually.)

On the other hand, I did get something else of note accomplished:  I flew the Cardinal down to Tennessee and took the 2 day course that will allow me to get my LSA Repairman Certificate (Inspection Rating) for 012 when the time comes.  It was a great course with a lot of confirmatory information and a lot of new stuff, too.


Repairman Course Certificate

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