Saturday, September 27, 2014

31B-04 installing Trim wires

Another successful case of Defeat being snatched from the grasp of Victory, but then Victory coming back for the win.  I divided the trim cable and installed micro-fit pins/connectors on the new ends for later assembly when I put on the tail cone.  I pulled the aft pitot line and routed it into the cockpit per plans and will run it back into the tail cone at the appropriate time. (note that the pitot line only goes back about 12” into the tail.)  This allowed me to run the trim lines into the WH-00046 connector, pictured below.

What is not pictured below is that I misplaced one of the pins into hole #32 instead of #30.  It only took a few hours, a phone call to Van’s and then watching a 2 min video from on how to use the pin insertion/removal tool.  I had used such a tool many, many, many years ago when I was an electronic engineer, but the memory escaped me until I saw the video.  15 more minutes of fiddling and I got the pin out of the wrong hole and back into the correct one.   In the process, I had to destroy the nice green shrink wrap you see below.  It is now ignominiously replaced with duct tape.  :-(

IMG 3667

WH-00046 after placement of Trim Wiring Harness

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