Saturday, September 27, 2014

34-07 Canopy Latch Handle

I actually did this page a few weeks ago, but I didn’t like the result.  I didn’t do a good job holding things in place when I drilled the handle and the latch itself.  Although everything fit together, it was a little bit off and rattled.  I know that it would rattle in flight and drive me crazy, so I ordered new pieces from Van’s and repeated the assembly last week.

Here’s the jig I used to hold the handle and the latch in a vertical plane while I drilled with the press to make the pilot and then the larger holes prior to tapping.  Below, is the finished product.  Again, I’m not in any danger of wining a Lindy with this ship, but it’s functional and safe.


IMG 3663

Canopy Latch and Latch Handle in drilling jig

IMG 3664

Canopy Latch Handle

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