Saturday, September 27, 2014

31B-22 Fuel Pump Noise Filter

IMG 3672

Fuel Pump Noise Filter (Electrical)

The electrical system has a couple of capacitors on the 12V line to filter out some electrical noise.  This guy was a bit of a challenge to place, due to the narrow space (rear tunnel, below the baggage deck), but was conceptually simple.  It’s tie-wrapped to the wiring bundle and then glued to the lower skin with RTV (the red smear). 


In case you can’t tell, I did a lot of “little things” last week.  I’m trying to catch up on all of the little detours I’ve created for myself and get back to something more-or-less by the book.  Finally deciding to divide the trim wire harness allowed me to finish up the wiring, etc.  I’ve only got 2 or 3 pages of fittings & supports, and then go through with a bunch of tie wraps to make it look all nice.  


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