Thursday, September 18, 2014

34-12 Guide Blocks

IMG 3627

Nylon Guide Block

The canopy is centered and guided down with some nylon blocks that are mounted on the roll bar.  They required a bit of shaping and drilling.  The roll bar didn’t have any pre-located holes, so they were drilled and tapped as well.  

Step #6 is omitted at this time, as the canopy is not yet attached to the frame, so it is not possible to verify final fit.


I finished attaching the canopy a few days ago, and verified that there is no interference in the guide blocks.  The canopy comes down directly on the outside edge of the fuselage skins, and often needs a push (medial -> lateral) on both sides for it to properly seat with the lips slightly outside of the fuselage.  I’ll talk with some experienced builders about that.  I may have to reposition the guides  or something.


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