Sunday, January 18, 2015

58-05 A/P Knob wiring harness

This picture theoretically  shows the installed harness for the A/P knobs.  Without a careful map, I think you’ll agree with me that it looks like a rat’s nest.  There’s only one more wiring harness that gets added to this mix, so this picture is probably your best bet for a view of maximum chaos.

You’ll also notice that the upper fuselage skin has been removed, despite my previous optimism that I could avoid this.  I suddenly realized that there was simply no way I was going to be able to install all of the brackets & hardware into that space, even if I could get the harnesses back there.  (BTW, in retrospect, I don’t believe I could have done that, either.)  Taking off the upper skin was the pain that I expected.  The bead of black gasket compound was extremely tenacious and challenging to disengage.  I’m pleasantly amazed that I didn’t crease the upper skin while taking it off. 

IMG 3911

rat’s nest

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