Saturday, January 31, 2015

46-04, Engine Prep, con't

IMG 3993

amputated starting lug

The upper lug on the starter motor gets cut off with a hack saw.  I actually cheated a bit on this step and performed it before I opened up the cylinders by removing the cooling hoses & intake manifolds.  I have tape over the open holes, but I figured having that tape wasn’t an ideal barrier for lots of metallic dust.  I also used a dremel cutting disk to do about 80 % of the cutting.  When I was done, I used a dremel sanding drum to smooth off the surface.  Why have I cut this off?  Not entirely sure, but i have a sneaking suspicion that the Engine Mount won’t slip on had I left the lug in place.  

IMG 3994

Cooling Shroud with marks

The cooling shroud gets fitted onto the engine in the next page.  The little marks that you see are supposed to line up with the top of the cooling fins when all is properly fit. 

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