Monday, January 5, 2015

Panels Painted

Hey, I’m back!  After a long spell of not too many hours to work on Baby Bear (the new official name for N76012), I finally got a chance to make some progress.  December was a mess of a work schedule, had Christmas to deal with, an unexpected trip to Phoenix (funeral for my nephew, Dakota James Fernandez) and a 2 day New Year’s Eve celebration in Niagara Falls.   While it was fun to get my avionics and engine, it wasn’t a lot of fun to do the inventory (not all that well, unfortunately) and it doesn’t ‘show’ on these blog pages.

This is another posting that doesn’t correspond to a specific page in The Book—I painted the instrument panels yesterday.  A guy named Rick has a hobby of building full sized comic book costumes out of foam rubber & stuff.  He has a home built ‘paint booth’ in his garage and he lent it to me to do my panels.  As it is, I think it’s a bit of over kill, but it was fun to talk about respective hobbies with him between coats.

One of the panels had an imperfection which I made much, much worse with my inexperience.  Several sanding sessions and re-coats of paint have it barely visible to me and I won’t tell you where to look.


IMG 3878

Painted Panels

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