Monday, January 19, 2015

58-06 A/P Knob installation

This was a really easy page. Not!

Very straight forward on paper—just slide the boxes into the holes and connect up the cables.  But you know the reality, eh? 

The nut plates I installed are not exactly right, perhaps just a mm or half a mm off, but that’s enough to make it almost install the screws.  The screws are very small, shiny allen head 6-32’s.  The allen head is the weak spot and will strip if there’s too much torque applied.  Three of the screws went in easily, two more required much creative cussing and fussing and removing and replacing.  (Luckily, Dynon sent me about 20 extras when I wrote and requested a few for the main display.  Thank God for good luck every now and then.)

I finally had to take the 6-32 tap and completely re-tap the nut plates.  I know that reduces their ability to hold, but I really couldn’t think of anything else.  If any screw backs out and needs to be tightened up, I’ll add some blue Lock-Tite.


IMG 3931

completed Center Panel

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