Sunday, January 18, 2015

45A-05 Fuel Pressure Sensor

I got a lot done over the last few days.  As usual, I typically only make these posts when I have down time at work (and I can’t be at home and build).  This was mostly avionics, and those pages went by quickly.  I’ll probably have a few pages with just a picture and a page number, but no text because there really isn’t much to describe (or remember well enough to describe.) 

 I was just ready to hit the Post button for this page when the picture caught my eye.  The sensor is held in place by friction from the modified grommet.  I think the weight of the fuel hose will pull that down such that the narrower (threaded) portion of the nipple won’t be held firmly by the grommet.  I’ll double check the book, but it may make sense to invert the assembly so that the weight of the hose holds it in place rather than pulls it loose.

IMG 3899

Fuel Pressure Sensor

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