Monday, June 15, 2015

11-03 Horizontal Stab attach

I rearranged the garage a few weeks ago to make room for the horizontal stab.  I know it will only be attached for a few days, but I wanted to ensure that it fit correctly before going any further.  I didn’t have anyone to help maneuver the piece, so I got creative.  I picked up some adjustable work support last year.  One on each side of the stab made a good working surface that could be elevated to the proper height as the back end of the tail cone.  The tail cone has been in a wooden cradle since last year and that cradle is on wheels, so I just inched the cradle back into position until I could get the AN4 bolts in place.  I didn’t tighten things down since this was just a temporary installation, but nonetheless, it looks good!

IMG 4351

Horizontal Stabilator in position

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