Wednesday, June 17, 2015

12-05 tail cone prep for fairing

Nearly 2 years ago I came up on this chapter and was disappointed, yet oddly relieved, that I couldn’t progress any further.  The kit has the fairings included in the Finish Kit shipment, yet the instructions are part of the empennage.  That was disappointing.  The relief was that I didn’t have to work with fiberglass, which at the time was a scary proposition.  Over the last many months, I’ve read and re-read the instructions without really understanding what they were telling me to do.  Finally, as is often the case, understanding comes with doing.  The whole thing about the tape is simply to get measurements onto the tail cone as to where I will later drill attachment holes.  Sigh.  The picture shows masking tape around the tail, decorated with clamps at the 12 locations that will later be drilled.  Wisely, I elected to not drill the holes now.  Reading ahead, I see that there will be some fine tuning and moving of the fairing to ensure clearance of all of the tail feathers.  Only when that’s accomplished do the holes get drilled.



IMG 4381

tail cone with measuring tape applied

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