Tuesday, July 2, 2013

06-05, Vert Stab Skeleton Assembly

I made much more progress than expected today.  The first few days of building were pretty much monomaniacal, and I ignored household chores & stuff.  Today was 8a-5p of catching up with those things (laundry, mowing the yard, tackling a project (below), paying bills and stuff.)

The related project involved moving the dryer exhaust vent out of the garage and to an outside wall.  I suppose the original architect (or builder, in case architects don't concern themselves with that level of detail) didn't want to have the vent sticking out on the front wall of the house, but the porch is pretty protected and we have a swing in front of where the vent surfaced, so I think it will be all right.   The reason I'm even mentioning this (aside from wanting to get rid of a source of hot moist air) was that I hate making cuts and drilling holes into expensive things.  You know, houses, airplane parts…   This project (RV-12) is allowing me to learn that I really can do things with my hands and create (or at least assemble) stuff that is important and meaningful. 

Anyway, back to tonight's documentation.  Here is the V-stab skeleton.  It was quite tricky figuring out how to rivet the nut plates, as there is not much room to get the squeezer in there.  I did eventually figure it out, but I did have to drill out another rivet; this time on a partially completed, flimsy and delicate assembly.  I did it anyway!


IMG 0015 2




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